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Marching Band Music
designed with your TIME in mind

Marching Band

TIME IN A REHEARSAL IS PRECIOUS! If I learned anything in 40 years, it was the importance of writing music that could be learned quickly. Paying close attention to range, fingerings and passages that worked well for each specific instrument made the job easier.  Having a clear score (11 x 17) to read was very important when so many instruments are involved. Being a percussionist and brass player as well as having a love of all things electronic, I write the winds, drumline, front ensemble and electronics.  There is no need for multiple arrangers.  Many of the marching band arrangements are original so NO License is required. Rental of these pieces allows for one season of performance. Pieces that are not original or contain copy written material must be licensed. (See Below).



Have a song you want arranged specifically for your ensemble?

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New music 2024

Reach out early if you would like me to write for you.

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Original Shows

Requiring No Licensing

Click on posters for more information and sound files

Children Of Apollo
The Raven

Original Show

Requiring Partial Licensing

Screen Shot 2024-01-12 at 1.10.13 PM.png

Shows/ Titles

Requiring Full Licensing

The Raven
Prince Of Egypt Marching Arrangement
1001 Nights Marching Arrangement
Miss Saigon Marching Arrangement
Lion King Marching Arrangement

NEW Marching Band
Grade 2-2.5

Tick Tick Boom Marching Arrangement

Single Titles

Casper's Lullaby Marching Arrangement
City Of Angels Marching Arrangement
Descent to Lazarus Marching Arrangement
Halo Marching Arrangement
Nights In White Satin Marching Marching Arrangement
August Rush Marching Arrangement
Ice Dance Marching Arrangement
Go The Distance Marching Arrangement
Return of the Animals Marching Arrangement
Broken Vow Marching Arrangement
I, Don Quixote Marching Arrangement
Plaza of Execution Marching Arrangement
For Whom The Bell Tolls Marching Arrangement
MacArthur Park Marching Arrangement
Final Poster.png
Final Poster.png
Old Threshers March Free Download

About Licensing

Before I can deliver an arrangement you are required to obtain “permission to license” from the copyright holder using a site like TRESONA MUSIC or reaching out directly to the copyright holder.  Some arrangements take days or even weeks to license (and others are simply declined by the copyright holder). For your convenience, I've indicated arrangements (with a      ) I believe will license quickly (but not guaranteed) and a green check       if it lists on TRESONA as pre-approved. All the music listed at one time has been approved for arranging.  The cost of licensing a song is typically between $180 to $350 but some can be much more.  The cost of licensing is not included in the price of the arrangement and is the responsibility of the purchaser.

CONTACT ME if you need help with this process.  START EARLY!

Possible Quick Approval
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