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1001 Nights


1001 Nights is a re-telling of the tales of the Arabian Nights. The great Sultan Shahryar ("SHAH-REE-AHR"), whose kingdom extended to India and beyond the Ganges to China, vows to take a new wife each night and have her executed the next morning. However, his latest bride, Scheherazade, succeeds in saving herself by engaging the Sultan's interest in a series of interconnected tales. For a 1001 nights in a row, Scheherazade would weave a fantastic story, each time stopping at dawn with a cliffhanger, thus forcing the Sultan to keep her alive for ONE MORE DAY.  Eventually after those 1001 nights, the king removed the sentence of death, and they lived happily ever after.

1001 Nights
  • 1001 Nights requires licensing

  • The cost of the full show is $525.00 (does not include licensing) 

  • A rehearsal MP3 for color guard

  • License is for one season.

  • Any major changes requested are an additional charge.        (except solo changes)

  • QUESTIONS? Contact me

Instrumentation include:  All parts are sent in PDF

(I don't send finale parts)

Winds - Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Horn, Trumpet 1,2,3, Trombone 1,2, Baritone BC, Tuba

(Bari sax available if needed.)

Drumline - Cymbals, Snareline, Tenorline (Quints), Bassline (5 Drums)

Front Ensemble - Piano/ Keyboard, Bass guitar, Synth Pad, Electric Guitar, Bells, Xylophone 1, 2, Vibraphone 1,2, Marimba 1,2, Timpani, Chimes, Auxilliary Percussion

1st Trumpet Range - "C" above staff

Solos- Oboe or Soprano Sax Solo/ Flute Solo/ Trumpet Solo

The music does not need 2 of each mallet part to sound complete.

Grade 3
1001 Nights
1001 Nights Part 1


1001 Nights Part 2


1001 Nights
1001 Nights Pt 1-AudioArr. DePriest
00:00 / 02:35
1001 Nights-Pt 2-AudioArr. DePriest
00:00 / 01:56
1001 Nights Part 3


Possible quick approval
1001 Nights-Pt 3-AudioArr. DePriest
00:00 / 03:01

About Licensing

Before I can deliver an arrangement you are required to obtain “permission to license” from the copyright holder using a site like TRESONA MUSIC or reaching out directly to the copyright holder.  Some arrangements take days or even weeks to license (and others are simply declined by the copyright holder). For your convenience, I've indicated arrangements (with a      ) I believe will license quickly (but not guaranteed) and a green check       if it lists on TRESONA as pre-approved. All the music listed at one time has been approved for arranging.  The cost of licensing a song is typically between $180 to $350 but some can be much more.  The cost of licensing is not included in the price of the arrangement and is the responsibility of the purchaser.

CONTACT ME if you need help with this process.  START EARLY!

Possible Quick Approval
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