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Jim DePriest - Composer/Arranger/Clinician/ Adjudicator

Retiring in 2023, after 40 years as a high school instrumental music instructor, (the last 31 years at Mt Pleasant High School in Mt Pleasant, Iowa,)  I am now a full-time composer/arranger/ clinician/ adjudicator and continue writing for many groups in the Midwest. I earned my BME from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Masters of Fine Arts from Southern Oregon State University as part of the American Band College. My marching bands, jazz bands and concert bands made numerous appearances including multiple appearances at the Iowa Jazz Championships, marching band competitions throughout the Midwest as well as performances at (4) Bands Of America Competitions.

  • For the past 25 years, I have written both original and arranged music for marching bands and jazz groups

  • For the past 40 years I have written marching band drill for my own bands and others around Iowa.

  • For the past 30 years, I've had the pleasure of working with my wife, Marlene, the former middle school and high school choir director at Mt Pleasant and was honored to direct and arrange for our middle school and high school show choirs: CHAIN REACTION and INMOTION as well as rehearse and prepare the show bands. 

We have four children all of whom are involved in education and the arts.

Composer /Arranger / Clinician /Adjudicator

I am available for clinics with marching bands, jazz bands, concert bands and show choir bands.  I have directed many honor band festivals over the years and have also adjudicated for jazz, marching, concert, show choir bands and solo and ensemble festivals

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